Hello. Thank you for visiting the daily orange peel.

This blog exists for no other reason than I like to write.  Maybe one larger motive will be addressed someday but really, anything goes here.  Anything interesting enough in a day that would be worth writing about will be the sole direction for this blog.  There will lots of orange peels, big plans, small plans, anecdotes, hopes and dreams, cocktail recipes, nature encounters, and personal views on stuff that interests me.

So, what interests me?  Here is a short list: Truth and Beauty, Free-Thinking, Being a good husband and father to my three sons, Nature, Outdoors, Hiking, Photography, St. Louis baseball Cardinals, Fly Fishing, Art, Poetry, Comics (editorial and Sunday newspaper), Reading, Zen, Health, Fitness, Wine, Technology.

You are welcome to come along for the ride.


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