Mockingbird Meeting

This morning I took short walk through our lower field to look at this Spring’s Bluebonnets and along the hiking path, atop a large bush, a mockingbird was calling. I stopped about six feet away and listened to his song. I was able to repeat some of it back to him and he cocked his head my way. I am sure he wondered about the “sick” sounding mockingbird calling him back. He eyed me for awhile and I started a new call. He came back with a new song. I changed mine. He changed his and it went back and forth, and forth and back.  We had a conversation this beautiful morning.  “Brrrrrr, Brrrrrrr,  Chirp, Chirp, Chirp, Chirp, Weeeeko, Weeeeko, Chhhaaaa, Chhhaaaa……” He introduced himself, told me his name, where he was from, where he was to go yet today.  I am not sure what I told him.

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